Huawei desktop computer will hit the shelves this year

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During today’s Huawei Full Connect Conference 2020, the Chinese manufacturer announced that it will launch commercial desktops within this year. There have been speculations that Huawei will release commercial desktop computers this year. Now, there is an official confirmation that this will certainly happen. According to reports, Huawei desktop computer comes with a Chinese chip – Kunpeng 920 processor. It will have up to 8GB DDR4-2666 of RAM and 256GB SSD solid-state drive. This device will also AMD Radeon R7 430 discrete graphics card, 180W power supply, and an internal operating system.

Huawei desktop computer

Earlier, Huawei showed a chip on its developer’s official website, but the product name is “Qingyun W510”. It is still uncertain whether it is the same as this product. It is possible that Qingyun is the internal code name of the chip while Kunpeng is the official name. 

According to the Huawei’s schedule, its desktops and servers are

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Amazon Big Fall Sale 2020: 7 Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

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Amazon has just kicked off its Big Fall Sale ahead of Prime Day 2020 which is launching later this year. The Big Fall Sale focuses on working and learning from home in this year that’s led us all to being indoors and working from home a lot more than ever before. With plenty of great deals out there, we’ve narrowed things down to eight of the best deals at Amazon right now. Alternatively, hit the button below to see the full range that Amazon has cut prices on.

It’s important to have the right posture and level of comfort when you’re working at your desk, even if your desk is located at home rather than the office. The Boss Office Products Perfect Posture Delux Fabric Task Chair is a great price at just $75, saving you $70 on the usual price, and it’s ideal for looking after your body. A

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Smart Kids Desk and Chair Sets for Remote Learning

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a television is sitting on a table

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If you or your kids don’t have desks at home, chances are you’re on the hunt for them right now. Whether you’re working from home or your kids are learning at home, everyone needs a desk to be productive and feel like they have a designated space to get things done. However, you probably don’t want to get your child an adult one, so you should have your eyes peeled for a genius kids desk and chair set.

Not only are these home desk sets kid-friendly but they won’t take up a ton of valuable space in your home. While some are minimal and ultra compact so you can place them anywhere, others have more storage and are heavier for a more permanent option. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best kids desk and chair sets to get your

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Fully’s Jarvis standing desk is good, but its customer service is even better

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Fortunately, we had a guest room that we could transform into a temporary office. After moving some furniture around and doing a bit of redecorating, I officially “moved” my workspace upstairs. But my desk situation was still pretty dire. I actually ended up using a folding sewing table as a stopgap in the guest room because I wanted to keep the writing table downstairs. I thought I’d be okay with it since this situation was supposed to be temporary. But as weeks turned into months, I realized this was probably how it’s going to be for the long haul. 

Fully Jarvis


After doing copious amounts of research, I settled on the aforementioned Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk by Fully. It has a ton of positive reviews, I liked the design and it comes in a small enough size to fit in our space. At around $600, it’s not cheap, but I found

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Working from home: The space-saving folding desks you need

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In the latest of the prime minister’s announcements on 22 September, people who can work from home, are again being encouraged to do so. While those who can’t should still go to work and follow covid secure practices.

 There is no date to fully return to offices anytime soon as we head into autumn and winter though. 

 As reported by The Independent, Google has told its employees that they’ll be working remotely until the summer of 2021, while other tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter have allowed most employees to work remotely indefinitely.

So as we’re now six months into working from home for lots of people, your workspace is probably starting to feel in need of a revamp – especially if your make-shift office and bedroom have merged into one.

However, as the pandemic has forced us to both work and live in our personal spaces, it’s important

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US halts imports from China’s Uighur region for forced labor

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Four companies and a manufacturing facility in northwestern China were blocked Monday from shipping their products to the U.S. because of their suspected reliance on forced labor from people detained as part of a massive campaign against ethnic minorities in the region.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued orders freezing imports from companies that produce cotton, clothing and computer parts in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China, where authorities have detained more than 1 million people in detention camps as part of the crackdown.

CBP also halted imports of hair products made at a manufacturing facility where authorities believe Uighurs and other ethnic minorities are forced to work.

Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, dismissed the notion that the facility is a “vocational” center as has been portrayed by Chinese authorities.

“It is a concentration camp, a place where religious and

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Upgrade Your Work From Home Situation With The Computer Desk

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Find yourself still working from home all this time into the pandemic? Not the worst thing in the world to be dealing with. But maybe you want to upgrade your home setup without going crazy. If so, you’ll want to check out the CubiCubi Computer Desk right now.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

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You could go out and buy a big ole desk for your home, make it seem like a lavish office. Or you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and space by picking up the CubiCubi Computer Desk. It’s simple but it is highly effective at doing what it needs to do, and that is giving you somewhere to work on your computer.

Assembly of the CubiCubi Computer Desk is not complicated at all. You’ll be done with it in 10 minutes’ time. But don’t let that fool you. This is no cheaply made piece of work furniture

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Vivera Pharmaceuticals announces Medical Technologies Division and BIOZONE Device

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BIOZONE is able to detect body temperature, assign custom profiles for users, and provides surface disinfection of clothing and personal belongings. BIOZONE utilizes FDA and EPA approved hypochlorous acid (HOCl) mist safe for humans of all ages. Long used in clinical settings for wound care, infection control, and disinfection, HOCl is an effective defense against a variety of pathogens.

“Public health requires a stepwise approach to comprehensive COVID-19 containment,” stated Dr. Stephen McColgan, Vivera Pharmaceuticals’ Chief Medical Officer. “Safety in public spaces requires more than wearing a mask. Reopening schools, offices, and venues means a high volume of people in high-touch spaces. A comprehensive approach is paramount.”

BIOZONE is well suited for highly trafficked public areas and can accommodate up to 300 individuals per hour. Each machine can be custom designed to suit the specific needs of each facility.

Paul Edalat, Vivera Pharmaceuticals’ CEO said, “Technology like BIOZONE

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The best gaming desks in 2020

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The best gaming desks are essential for anyone who wants a comfortable space to get lost in their favorite games or broadcast to the world online. These desks offer copious space for your peripherals and monitors, and some even include built-in storage and eye-catching RGB lighting.

But the best gaming desks go well beyond gaming. All of the desks on this list are perfect for just about any home computer setup, whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or need a good content creation zone for YouTube or Twitch. And whether you want a subdued surface for your work area or something colorful and loud for your command center, there’s a gaming desk for you.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the very best gaming desks you can buy, from budget models to massive play areas that give you plenty of room to perform at your best every single

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The Japanese Internet Reacts To The Xbox Series X and S

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This week, Microsoft showed off the Xbox Series X and S and revealed the next-gen consoles’ price tags. What did you think? No, no, what do people online in Japan think?

Since the launch of the original Xbox, Japan has been an uphill battle for Microsoft. The company tried hard with the Xbox 360 to appeal to Japanese players but came up short. It was a failure. The Xbox One’s Japan launch was also a disaster. How will the Xbox Series X and S do in the country?

Below is a cross-section of comments from some of Japan’s most popular game sites My Game News Flash, Hachima, and GameSpark as well as from 2ch, its biggest online bulletin board, and on the Xbox Japan announcement tweet. Hopefully, they will provide insight to how commenters online in Japan think about these Xbox consoles.

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