Kogan dishes up the cheapest NBN1000 plan for under AU$135 a month

Estelle Sidler

Kogan Internet is the latest ISP to offer blisteringly-fast broadband with the launch of its NBN1000 plan, and it’s making its presence known by offering the new 1Gbps service for the lowest price in Australia.

Kogan is slinging its NBN1000 plan for AU$134.90 a month, but that’s only for your first six months. After that, it bumps up to AU$148.90 each billing.

Once the discount ends you’ll still have yourself the most affordable 1000/50 plan on the market. Aussie Broadband and Superloop also offer NBN1000 plans for AU$149 a month – though Superloop is currently offering its plan at a discounted rate of AU$139 for your first year.

If you want to jump ship before the price rises, that’s easily done as Kogan offers no lock-in contract and no activation fee across all its internet plans.

There are some finer details you should be aware of here – the NBN1000

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StarHub 5G: Test driving the brand-new trial network, Digital News

Estelle Sidler

Trying out a 5G trial

On Aug 18, StarHub announced that users of its new Mobile+ and Biz+ plans could get a taste of their 5G trial network.

In a nutshell, if a StarHub user is subscribed to either mobile plan while using a compatible 5G-ready smartphone, they’ll occasionally run into (and experience) what early 5G connectivity and speeds are like.

So, when StarHub offered to let us give their budding 5G network a taste test, we jumped at that opportunity.

With their blessing, we ventured to about ten different parts of Singapore to see if we can genuinely experience 5G-like speeds on our mobile phones.

The promises of 5G

Sure, Singapore isn’t that big, but it’s still considerable effort to visit specific parts of the island to see videos load faster and clearer, or bigger transfer rate numbers on a screen. To understand why it was worth our time,

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