The CIO Summit Australia being delivered virtually in 2020

Estelle Sidler

Australia’s flagship event for senior technology executives is being delivered virtually over two days on September 23 and 24 due to social distancing restrictions related to COVID-19.

The Future Enterprise: Digital Transformation 2.0 is the central theme for this year’s CIO Summit, brought to you by CIO Australia, IDC, and the CIO Executive Council.

2020 has been a challenge for CIOs and digital chiefs working at organisations across most market sectors as the pandemic shows no signs of abating. Tech chiefs have been asked to deliver new solutions that support hybrid work environments for staff that have been asked to work from home or at other remote locations.

This year we have assembled senior industry leaders who will talk about the ways your organisation can best navigate the post-pandemic economic climate. 

On day 1, IDC’s David Reinsel will discuss the five stages of enterprise recovery and the critical roles that

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The best monitor arms for desk-mounting your display

Estelle Sidler

If you spend any time working on your computer at a desk, a monitor arm is an essential piece of equipment that will streamline your workflow and keep your space ergonomic and tidy. Not only can an arm lift your display off a surface, freeing the desktop up for other uses and reducing wire clutter, but it also brings the screen to a comfortable height and allows you the flexibility to pivot and view it from a number of angles. Mounting your monitor on an arm also makes your space easier to clean, and the result is an undeniably sleek and integrated look without the bulky, conspicuous factory base. The best part of all is that they’re incredibly easy to install on just about every monitor out there.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk: Increase your desk space with a monitor arm.

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Increase your desk space with a monitor arm.

Take a look at this list of our favorite

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Why is India subsidising porn and social media rubbish?

Estelle Sidler

As a middle-aged man, I am just old enough to be overtly cynical and covertly enamoured by social media, so I start my day by surreptitiously checking my social media account, and today is my lucky day.

I am approached by one Victoria Elisabeth who is living in Taxes and wants to be my friend. I loved Victoria because she serves in “USA Army in Afghanistan” and yet has managed to remain unapologetically buxom.

As I scrolled down on her page, I can see that she has also posted videos of some more of her friends who were caught in transit between the army camouflage and something else to wear and were fortunate/unfortunate to have met men clad in birthday suits.

The best part of her is that all her friends are Indian spread all across the hinterland of our vast subcontinent.

I see that Munnasingh from Bigwara (who has

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U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 6 Million

Estelle Sidler

Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, who has been under pressure from the White House to speed coronavirus treatments, said in a newspaper interview that his agency would be willing to approve a coronavirus vaccine before Phase 3 clinical trials were complete if the agency found it “appropriate” to do so.

Dr. Hahn told the newspaper that a vaccine developer could apply for approval before the end of Phase 3 clinical trials, which are the largest and most rigorous, but that the agency would make “a science, medicine, data decision” and might issue emergency authorization for use for particularly vulnerable groups rather than a blanket approval.

“This is not going to be a political decision,” he said.

Dr. Hahn’s comments, published online on Sunday by The Financial Times, were not his first indication that the agency could fast-track a vaccine under the right circumstances,

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