How Covid-19 freed us from work clothes

Estelle Sidler

* Working from home makes available another freedom whose significance not many people realise — the freedom from the tyranny of clothing

I always looked forward to a time when more people would be given the choice of not having to travel to a workplace for a fixed number of hours every weekday.

Many have dreamt of such a world, but questioned its practical feasibility. This year, Covid-19 forced it into reality. In Singapore, where I live, students and their teachers had to adjust to home-based learning in a hurry. Their parents, who now were asked to work from home, suddenly experienced the freedom from rather dreary rigid routines.


This is not to say that working from home is always liberating and productive for everyone. Without structure and routine, one can lose control, become overwhelmed, and not know where to even start. Without the proximity of colleagues, one can feel

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Choosing to boot or reboot an aging computer

Estelle Sidler

Q: I have a Windows 10 computer that has become increasingly unreliable as it has aged over its three-year life. I’ll be using Outlook, Excel or Chrome and the computer stops responding until I reboot. Often, multiple reboots are necessary before it settles down. I tried deleting all non-Microsoft or Google apps, but to no avail. Do I need to buy a new computer, or is there an alternative?

a screen shot of an open laptop computer: The Windows 10 operating on a Microsoft Surface computer.

© Richard Drew, STF / Associated Press

The Windows 10 operating on a Microsoft Surface computer.

A: There’s a common misconception about computers in that computer owners think that their PC is slowing down or misbehaving because the hardware is wearing out.


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It’s not surprising, as we all know that this is true for things like our car or for household appliances that have a dominant mechanical component with many moving parts that can and do wear out and

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FDA grants Abbott’s COVID-19 rapid antigen test emergency-use authorization

Estelle Sidler

One of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease is to identify those who are infected immediately. This way, isolation of active cases and contact tracing can be performed quickly before the virus could spread to others.

There are two tests used to detect the presence of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Molecular tests, such as the real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) test, which detects the virus’s genetic material, and the antigen test that detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus.

Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency-use authorization to Abbott Laboratories for a $5 rapid-response COVID-19 antigen test, called BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card, which is roughly the size of a credit card.

Low-cost and portable test kit

The new test is low cost and provides a rapid

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