The 1st “Smart” Online Clothing Marketplace Powered by AI

Estelle Sidler

The Future of Online Clothes Shopping is here.

TORONTO, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Now more than ever, the shift to online retail is inevitable and consumers will miss the fitting room experience. FMRU Clothing is a luxury clothing and accessories marketplace that uses AI measuring technology to offer users the most accurate size recommendation in the world for all of our clothing products. We deliver an online shopping experience that is as confident as if you were trying clothes on in person and we are so excited to announce the website’s official launch.

How it works?

FRMU’s set-up process is very user friendly; all users need to do is upload two images of themselves, a front & side profile (instructions for taking & uploading the images are included on the account page). Once the images are uploaded, your body measurements are calculated in under a minute, then compared

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As pandemic wears on, kids and parents seeing the need for proper desks, chairs for working at home

Estelle Sidler

When Chattanooga-area schools cleared their buildings in mid-March in an effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading in Hamilton County, the move felt something like a fire drill: Grab what you need and get out. For most students, that meant a laptop for virtual learning at home over the next two weeks.

But the all-clear never came for a return to the classroom. Two weeks turned into a month, and eventually in-person instruction was canceled for the rest of the academic year. Even with a new school year underway, home will be the classroom for the majority of the week.

Many office workers have also shifted to similar work-from-home arrangements, taking computer setups but often little else to accomplish the tasks of a workweek away from the office.

As important as those digital lifelines have been to students and office workers alike, they couldn’t overcome some of the impediments to

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Internet cost in Almaguin insane, service unreliable

Estelle Sidler

“The clear digital divide has never been more obvious,” said Church.

Blue Sky Net is a not-for-profit corporation funded 100 per cent by the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario. Their goal is to support economic development in the area by fostering technological development. They look for funding from the government that is required for municipalities to make the investment into broadband technologies, and look to form relationships between the public and private sector to make broadband projects happen.

Church said the issue of providing internet to more rural areas, especially in the north, is a very complicated one.

“Broadband is not something that you just hook up to a pole and go on with your day,” Church said. “It’s a very complex, expensive, difficult subject.”

“If there was a business case to build a high-speed network everywhere in rural northern Ontario, it would be done,” she said.

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Hundreds of Veterans to Receive Convalescent Plasma in VA Test

Estelle Sidler

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced plans for randomized testing of 700 veterans on the effectiveness of convalescent plasma in treating COVID-19, amid an open feud between public health agencies on its therapeutic value.

“This trial will go a long way toward helping in the fight against COVID-19,” VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said. In the test, focused on veterans who are sick with the virus, and hospitalized as VA medical centers around the country, some will get convalescent plasma and some will receive a placebo for comparison.

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The randomized test, announced Aug. 28, is part of an effort to begin providing data on the long-term effectiveness of convalescent plasma. VA went public with its plan days before the National Institutes of Health stated Tuesday that evidence was lacking to prove whether the treatment worked, or might cause

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