Wait, Amazon’s New Wearable Needs to See Me in My Underwear?

Estelle Sidler

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This story originally appeared on PCMag

To get the most out of Amazon’s new wearable wristband, you’ll need to send the company semi-nude pictures of yourself. 

The Halo is a fitness tracker that promises to improve your health. But to fully enjoy the benefits, Amazon needs some personal data, including how much fat is on your body. The company could’ve just asked for your weight and height. However, the health experts behind Halo want to instead calculate your body fat percentage, citing it as a better indicator for health and longevity. 

The Halo fitness band and app. (Credit: Amazon)

To get an accurate measurement, the company created “Body,” a feature in the app for Halo that uses computer vision and machine-learning algorithms to estimate your body fat percentage. The catch? The technology only works if it can actually view images of your semi-nude self.

In a blog post, Amazon Medical

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10 Top Tips for Beginner and Amateur Photographers

Estelle Sidler

There’s a lot of negativity and poor advice on photography on the internet, and that can put off amateur photographers — photographers who would otherwise go on to become full-time professionals. So, here’s some of the best advice for amateur photographers who want to make it.

The reason for writing this article is to encourage those of you reading this to carry on taking photos and enjoying the art and science of photography. I see way too many people online discouraging others and putting people down about their photography work. The most important thing for me is for beginners and amateurs to enjoy photographing and feel inspired enough to take more. I see photography as a special discipline that combines art and science, giving us the ability to discover the world and connect to it in a deeper, more meaningful way. So, that’s why I’ve put together 10 tips for

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Flyers can take videos in flights but can’t use recording gadgets: DGCA

Estelle Sidler

Aviation regulator DGCA “clarified” on Sunday passengers can take photos and videos inside flights but can’t use any recording equipment that creates chaos, disrupts flight operations, violates safety norms or is banned by the crew members.

On Saturday, the regulator had said that a scheduled flight will be suspended for a period of two weeks if anyone is found taking photographs inside the plane.

Two days back, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation had asked IndiGo to take “appropriate action” after it found alleged violation of safety and social-distancing protocols by mediapersons in the airline’s Chandigarh-Mumbai flight that had actor Kangana Ranaut as a passenger.

According to a video of the incident that took place inside the flight on September 9, reporters and cameramen were jostling and bunching up to get a comment from Ranaut, who was sitting in

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More Zegna Than Brooks Brothers

Estelle Sidler

In 1914, brothers Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto from Bologna, Italy founded a company that bore their family name: Maserati. In 1926, they produce their first original automobile, the Tipo 26. Over the next century, the company produces race cars, sports cars, luxury coupes, sedans and convertibles — some memorable, some forgettable. In 1966, Maserati unveils the Ghibli, a two-door sports car designed by Giugiaro and named for a hot desert wind. The original Ghibli goes out of production in 1973. The nameplate is revived for a two-door coupe in 1992, a car which is built until 1998. In 2013, Ghibli rises again to join the Maserati lineup, this time as a four-door luxury sedan.

Things have changed in the automotive landscape since the last time Ghibli rolled along. Maserati is now part of a large automotive group,

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