When Second Hand Doesn’t Mean Second Best

Estelle Sidler

Not so long ago, buying second hand was seen as a last resort. Charity shops were there for the people who really needed them – though there have always been bargain hunters who love seeking out gems amidst the faded tea sets and battered copies of The Da Vinci Code. The only time buying second hand had any sort of glamour attached to it was when you were ‘going vintage’ or shopping for antiques.

Things have changed. We’re now starting to see that buying second hand benefits more than just our wallets; it’s a way for us all to do our bit for the environment. Buying second hand means things get used for longer. There’s less production, and therefore less waste. 

Looking at the clothing industry, “if it continues on its current path, by 2050, textiles production will use over

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How will RBS’ share price, now NatWest, fare against challenger banks?

Estelle Sidler

Sheryl Crow might have sung “A change will do you good”, but RBS’ [NWG] share price begs to differ.

Known as the NatWest Group since 22 July, RBS’ share price had already tanked over 50% in 2020 by the time the name change took place as the coronavirus knocked the UK economy for six. Since the rebrand, NatWest’s share price has slipped a further 12.62% as it faces the same headwinds as other UK banks. 

Adding to NatWest’s share price misery is an influential study criticising the bank’s customer service. This is a dangerous position to be in when challenger banks like Monzo are building brands on straight-forward, in-app customer support and the ability to open a new bank account in a single day from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Given customers’ increasing digital awareness, this could be a huge blind spot for NatWest. So, just how great is

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Miles Morales Pre-Order Bonuses Include Two Suits and a Gadget

Estelle Sidler

The T.R.A.C.K. Suit, another secret suit, and the Gravity Well gadget.

marvel's spider-man miles morales

Pre-orders for PS5 are live now (even though the whole thing has been a bit of a dumpster fire), and alongside that, so, too, are pre-orders for the console’s launch titles. One of those is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and if you’re wondering what the pre-order bonuses for the game are, those have now been revealed.

An image was recently uploaded to the game’s page on the official PlayStation site, and though it has since been taken down, a user on Reddit managed to snag it (you can take a look at it below). That and descriptions of the bonuses on the game’s Target listing detail what pre-order bonuses you can expect.

Those who pre-order the game will get early access to two suits and a gadget (which will presumably also be unlockable through gameplay for everyone else). There’s

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