Jasmin Edlin

Covid-19 Scams

The whole came to standstill when Novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Businesses all over the world had to temporarily close due to lockdown. There was a sudden panic in people in purchasing essential items. In such a situation comes fraudsters who look to take advantage. There is no sleep for fraudulent activities even during a pandemic.

Scammers are trying to convert the situation into their advantage and try to fool people. You need to be aware of how fraudsters can target.

Here are a few tips and tricks that help you identify scammers and help you stay safe and secure:


Phishing Scams:

Phishing scams are nothing but email which you might receive where the scammers try to rob your personal information such as usernames, passwords, payment information, etc.  It might be even a simple email containing the world Health Organization (WHO) protocols and then asking you for your … Read More