How will RBS’ share price, now NatWest, fare against challenger banks?

Estelle Sidler

Sheryl Crow might have sung “A change will do you good”, but RBS’ [NWG] share price begs to differ.

Known as the NatWest Group since 22 July, RBS’ share price had already tanked over 50% in 2020 by the time the name change took place as the coronavirus knocked the UK economy for six. Since the rebrand, NatWest’s share price has slipped a further 12.62% as it faces the same headwinds as other UK banks. 

Adding to NatWest’s share price misery is an influential study criticising the bank’s customer service. This is a dangerous position to be in when challenger banks like Monzo are building brands on straight-forward, in-app customer support and the ability to open a new bank account in a single day from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Given customers’ increasing digital awareness, this could be a huge blind spot for NatWest. So, just how great is

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Convenient or exploitative? Behind China’s food delivery boom

a person riding on the back of a motorcycle

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Cheap and quick food delivery was popular in China even before widespread travel restrictions turned it into an essential part of urban life for many globally.

But as demand for the service has risen in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, public scrutiny is putting pressure on China’s tech giants to show consideration for the workers who risk their lives to hit the tight deadlines set by the services’ algorithms.

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How popular is food delivery in China?

Getting food delivered to one’s doorstep is much more affordable in China than in wealthier countries.

Thanks to low labor costs in China, customers usually pay less than $1 per order

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Amid Pandemic, Data Center Alley Going Strong

Estelle Sidler

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses, schools and social circles have all gone online, which has meant unprecedented demand at the heart of the internet in Ashburn.

Loudoun’s data centers, already a fast-growing market, have seen a surge of demand as society has scrambled to replace in-person activities with virtual alternatives. Long an important part of the county government’s budget, they have also been a bright spot as other sources of local tax revenues have fallen. Assistant Director of Management and Budget Caleb Weitz told county supervisors in July that the tax on computer equipment inside data centers accounts for nearly $395 million in the current fiscal year’s $1.7 billion in local tax revenues, and that revenue could grow by another $200 million next year. Replacing all the revenues from data centers in this year’s budget with real estate taxes would require raising the current $1.035 tax rate by more than

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Top 11 Benefits of a VPN Every Internet User Should Know

Estelle Sidler

In the present scenario where everyone is running in the race to become tech-savvy, two things that worry them are security issues and privacy. Security and privacy both have posed a great threat in their minds. These issues are of major concern that has stopped them from adopting modern technology and have caused a problem to survive in this virtual world, which demands smart and tech-savvy citizens. But, VPN has solved their problem and has become more widely used technology in the modern world, which is helpful for both business and private concerns. There are numerous benefits of a VPN to a business or individual.

Now you might be thinking of what a VPN is. Let’s first understand the answer to your question, what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

VPN - Virtual private network

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network through which a person can get secure access to a public

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The Best Cheap Wireless Router Deals for September 2020

Estelle Sidler

For all the heavy lifting they do every day, wireless routers don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Pretty much all of us take them for granted, yet these humble little devices perform a vital job: Turning your wired internet connection into a Wi-Fi signal that laptops, printers, mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming players, and gaming consoles can connect to wirelessly. You’re probably currently using a fairly basic router supplied by your internet service provider (and you’re likely paying monthly rental fees for the privilege, too, which will total much more than what the router itself is worth).

Buying your own Wi-Fi router has other advantages along with potentially reducing those ISP fees, too, such as giving you tighter control over your local network and letting you enjoy a clearer, congestion-free wireless connection. To help you find one, we’ve rounded up the best cheap wireless router deals you can score right

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What’s the best cheap VPN? We found three good options

Estelle Sidler

If, like millions of people, you’re still working from home due to the global pandemic, a virtual private network is more essential than ever for protecting your privacy online. The only problem is, a free VPN usually doesn’t offer as much security as most people need, and a paid VPN service can be pricey. With the current crisis pinching many people’s pockets, paying a hundred dollars or more for homebound privacy protection doesn’t square with everyone’s priorities. 

But never fear: It’s possible to find a cheap VPN service that can reliably secure your internet connection without having to designate a place in your home as a server location. Some of the most affordable VPNs are less than half the price of some premium VPN services. And they still offer a fast connection, decent download speed, and a wealth of features with only an internet connection. You can even

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Scalpers are sending the price of Super Mario 3D All-Stars soaring on auction sites

Estelle Sidler

Listings for preorders of Super Mario 3D All-Stars – the limited-run bundle that’s scheduled to release later this month – are inflating the £50/$60 RRP game on internet auction sites.


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Super Mario 3D All-Stars was revealed at the recent Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct, which confirmed the remastered packaged is coming to Nintendo Switch later this month on September 18, 2020.

The bundle includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, promising higher resolutions, joy-con compatibility, in-game soundtracks, and more. The game is available for pre-order now, but as Nintendo plans to closes sales of both digital and physical versions in March 2021, scalpers are cashing in on the scarcity. 

As spotted by Nintendo Life, the limited release is sending prices soaring, and looking at the game on the auction site eBay this morning, I saw the game on sale

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Best PlayStation Plus deals 2020: cheap PS Plus membership

Estelle Sidler

a screenshot of a video game: Best PlayStation Plus deals 2020: cheap PlayStation Plus membership

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Best PlayStation Plus deals 2020: cheap PlayStation Plus membership

With much of the world still avoiding going out due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time  – or a better excuse – to enjoy the latest Playstation games. Even better, with a PlayStation Plus membership you can engage in epic online multiplayer battles and grab free games! Membership to PlayStation Plus costs £50/$60 per year but we’ve found deals of up to 50% off.

As you’ll see below, we’ve scoured the internet for the very best PlayStation Plus membership deals to save you money. You’ll find a handy price comparison below, along with some unmissable deals. Yes, there are shorter subscriptions – but the 12 month option offer the best value by far.

Read on and we’ll explain all the exciting benefits of PlayStation Plus – including how to get free games

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10 Top Tips for Beginner and Amateur Photographers

Estelle Sidler

There’s a lot of negativity and poor advice on photography on the internet, and that can put off amateur photographers — photographers who would otherwise go on to become full-time professionals. So, here’s some of the best advice for amateur photographers who want to make it.

The reason for writing this article is to encourage those of you reading this to carry on taking photos and enjoying the art and science of photography. I see way too many people online discouraging others and putting people down about their photography work. The most important thing for me is for beginners and amateurs to enjoy photographing and feel inspired enough to take more. I see photography as a special discipline that combines art and science, giving us the ability to discover the world and connect to it in a deeper, more meaningful way. So, that’s why I’ve put together 10 tips for

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Insights on the Online Dating Services Global Market to 2025

Estelle Sidler

Dublin, Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Online Dating Services Market – Forecasts from 2020 to 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

The online dating services market was valued at US$3.874 billion in 2019. Online dating refers to a system that enables the users to connect through online platforms and introduce and find potential connections, generally for further development of relationships. The major factors supplementing the market growth of online dating services include the rising internet penetration, especially across the major developing economies of the region coupled with the rapid integration of technology which has led to an upsurge in the usage of smartphones.

The increasing millennial population around the globe along with the shifting preferences of users to meet new people through these platforms for building various kinds of relationships such as casual, social, niche and others is further widening up the opportunities for the market

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