Gates Criticizes Fed Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Estelle Sidler

Bill Gates lambasted the US government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in an interview with STAT, a health news website.

“You know, this has been a mismanaged situation every step of the way,” Gates told STAT. “It’s shocking. It’s unbelievable — the fact that we would be among the worst in the world.”

The Trump administration had made multiple mistakes in COVID-19 testing, mainly in the speed in which results are returned, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist said.

During the early days of the pandemic, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wanted to be involved in setting up testing procedures. They insisted that commercial laboratories be paid for their work if they returned test results within 24 hours, Gates said.

But that time frame is rarely met. Test results returned after more than 24 hours do little to stop the spread of the virus.


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Sydney news: Woman critical in high speed car crash in Merrylands West, COVID-19 warning for beachgoers

Estelle Sidler

Here’s what you need to know this morning.

Two hospitalised after car crash

A woman is in a critical condition and a man is in a serious condition after two cars collided in what is believed to have been a “very high speed” crash in Sydney’s west overnight.

NSW Ambulance inspector Andrew McAlpine said emergency services found “a scene of carnage” when they arrived at the crash site in Merrylands West at 10:30pm last night.

A female driver, aged in her 20s, was rushed to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition.

It took an hour for emergency services to free the other driver, a male aged in his 30s, who was also taken to Westmead Hospital with serious injuries.

NSW is ‘gold standard’ for COVID

It’s being dubbed Australia’s coronavirus success story — open businesses, (mostly) open borders, and slow infection growth.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday described NSW’s test-and-trace

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A Doctor Was Charged $10,984 for a COVID-19 Antibody Test

Estelle Sidler

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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When Dr. Zachary Sussman went to Physicians Premier ER in Austin for a COVID-19 antibody test, he assumed he would get a freebie because he was a doctor for the chain. Instead, the free-standing emergency room charged his insurance company an astonishing $10,984 for the visit — and got paid every penny, with no pushback.

Physicians Premier ER charged Dr. Zachary Sussman’s insurance $10,984 for his COVID-19 antibody test. The insurer paid in full. Sharon Chischilly/ProPublica

The bill left him so dismayed he quit his job. And now, after ProPublica’s questions, the parent company of his insurer said the

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County opens COVID-19 testing site at Iowa Western Community College

Estelle Sidler

Iowa Western Community College will now have COVID-19 testing on campus for students and staff. The college has reported 24 confirmed coronavirus cases. Pottawattamie County hopes on-site testing will prevent outbreaks. The new testing site will only be available for students and staff that are enrolled or work at Iowa Western Community College. They must also have an Iowa ZIP code. “The quicker, get somebody in who is a possible COVID-19 person, the faster we can contact trace quarantine all of those speed factors will really be sped up by this site and allow us to hopefully contain the spread,” Pottawattamie County director of planning Matt Wyant said. The new testing site is ready to open Thursday morning ahead of the holiday weekend. Wyant said the site was offered through the state. “It is operated off the Test Iowa platform which utilizes that for signing up for testing, testing materials, … Read More

Cause, effect and the need to test for COVID-19 | Marsha Mercer

Estelle Sidler

Marsha Mercer

Marsha Mercer

A wise editor of mine used to say, “Wet streets don’t cause rain.”

John’s point, of course, was not to confuse cause and effect. I’ve thought about his warning often since President Donald Trump began his counter-narrative about coronavirus testing.

As the number of positive cases of COVID-19 soared this summer, Trump repeatedly blamed the tests for causing the cases.

Testing “makes us look bad,” he tweeted in June.

At the Tulsa rally a few days later, he said, “I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’”

His aides tried to pass that remark off as a joke, but Trump said, “I don’t kid.”

“Cases, Cases, Cases! If we didn’t test so much and so successfully, we would have very few cases,” he tweeted in July.

And, he told reporters, “When you test you create cases.”

That’s all wrong. Pregnancy tests don’t create babies.

Not only

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How Covid-19 freed us from work clothes

Estelle Sidler

* Working from home makes available another freedom whose significance not many people realise — the freedom from the tyranny of clothing

I always looked forward to a time when more people would be given the choice of not having to travel to a workplace for a fixed number of hours every weekday.

Many have dreamt of such a world, but questioned its practical feasibility. This year, Covid-19 forced it into reality. In Singapore, where I live, students and their teachers had to adjust to home-based learning in a hurry. Their parents, who now were asked to work from home, suddenly experienced the freedom from rather dreary rigid routines.


This is not to say that working from home is always liberating and productive for everyone. Without structure and routine, one can lose control, become overwhelmed, and not know where to even start. Without the proximity of colleagues, one can feel

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FDA grants Abbott’s COVID-19 rapid antigen test emergency-use authorization

Estelle Sidler

One of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease is to identify those who are infected immediately. This way, isolation of active cases and contact tracing can be performed quickly before the virus could spread to others.

There are two tests used to detect the presence of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Molecular tests, such as the real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) test, which detects the virus’s genetic material, and the antigen test that detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus.

Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency-use authorization to Abbott Laboratories for a $5 rapid-response COVID-19 antigen test, called BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card, which is roughly the size of a credit card.

Low-cost and portable test kit

The new test is low cost and provides a rapid

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Medical Clothing Market (COVID-19 Impact Analysis) Growth

Estelle Sidler

Medical Clothing Market 2020-2027

This world-class Medical Clothing Market report has been resulted by the output of highly enthusiastic and motivated expertise in various areas such as research, assessment, analysis, consulting, and development. The study of this market research report explains a market attractiveness analysis, wherein each segment is targeted based on its market size, growth rate, and general attractiveness. Moreover, it endows with historic data, present market trends, environment, technological innovation, upcoming technologies & the technical progress in the related industry. Medical Clothing Market research report highlights the most important market insights that take business to the topmost level of growth and success.

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All statistical and numerical data involved in the Medical Clothing Market report is characterized with the help of graphs and charts which makes it easy to understand the facts and figures. This Medical Clothing

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Companies making antiviral clothing that they claim will protect against COVID-19

Estelle Sidler

We’re seeing more antiviral products popping up that claim to protect you against COVID-19.

Pakistan-based denim company Artistic Denim Mills is making pants and masks using antiviral technology it says tested nearly 100% effective in 30 minutes against coronavirus.

Denim brand Diesel is planning to add different antiviral technology to its jeans next year that it says can disable nearly all viral activity within two hours of contact.

Other companies are selling antibacterial gloves that claim to destroy bacteria and micro-organisms.

These are big claims, but are they true?

“The people that we shouldn’t trust, honestly, are the people that stand to gain financially from this,” said Dr. Mark Shrime, a professor at Harvard Medical School. “Not because they’re necessarily nefarious, but they have an ulterior motive to market these products to our uncertainty and to our fear without necessarily doing the due diligence that we might want them to

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Can it protect you from COVID-19?

Estelle Sidler

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life — including fashion. To cater to new economic realities and the COVID-19 concerns of their clientele, several apparel companies have developed antivirus protection in their clothing. But if antiviral clothing doesn’t make a difference in actual viral transmission — shoppers should question, “is it even worth it?”

“COVID-19 has reset the world,” Faisal Ahmed, CEO of Artistic Denim Mills, which produces popular denim brands such as DL1961 and Warp + Weft, said in a statement. “This means we have to change how we live our lives. How our clothes protect us will be a key decision in what we buy and wear, and we are happy to introduce various products treated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03.”

The Pakistan-based leading denim and apparel manufacturer was an early adopter of adding antiviral technology to its products. In June, the company partnered with Swiss textile

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