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Watch & Download Free HD Latest Tamil Dubbed Movies

Amid the paramount stress that you often find yourselves in, it is necessary to take a breather and break away from the heavy workload. And what could provide more relief than watching movies? Movies not only take your mind away from all the tension but also help you spend some time in your fantasy land. Whether alone or with family or friends, movies can make you laugh, cry or, even ponder like no other.

Sometimes, we find little time to catch up with movies, and even less time to visit a cinema hall. In that case, the various sites on Torrent can help us immensely. They help you to browse through their diversified section of movies and download according to your preferences. Not only movies, but you can also download TV series, songs, and even games. The distinct lack of ads is bound to put a smile on your face.

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Free Online Computer Courses for Adults

Whether you are new to the computer or just want to brush up on your skills, you can find free computer classes online to meet your needs. Through them, you can work through tutorials, which is a great way to practice computer skills you can use every day at home or at work.

Entry-Level Computer Classes

  • GCFLearnFree: This treasure trove of free classes is designed for all computer owners, whether you’re a PC, Mac, or Linux fan. Free classes cover email, internet browsing, and Mac and Windows basics. For more advanced users, there are free classes in social media, cloud storage, image editing, and mobile devices that bring you up to date with the most recent hardware and software.
  • Alison: “ALISON ABC IT” is a free online information technology course that teaches everyday computing as it relates to work and life. The course focuses on Microsoft Office applications and
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Antivirus Software Free Download 2020

  • Deny Protection

    Default Deny Protection™

    Makes sure that only known PC-safe applications execute

  • Antivirus Security

    Prevention-based security

    Prevents viruses and malware from causing harm to your computer before it’s too late.

  • Sandbox Technology

    Auto Sandbox Technology™

    The sandbox is a virtual operating panel that stores all harmful programs on your computer. This ensures that all malicious software and viruses are restricted from causing harm and threat to your device.

  • Online Shopping Security

    Secure Shopping

    Provides strong protection for your online banking and shopping transactions. Features include protection from all kinds of malicious activities and threats.

  • Antivirus Protection

    Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination

    Our download provides you with free antivirus protection that is stronger than most expensive security solutions out there.

  • Quarantine System

    Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files

    Possible viruses are kept

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    DriveInfo Gadget Review – A Free System Monitoring Tool

    Microsoft discontinued all desktop gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7 due to serious vulnerabilities. We recommend following Microsoft’s guidance and NOT using any desktop gadgets.

    The DriveInfo gadget is one of our favorite system utility gadgets for Windows. There are plenty of useful options including several background and icon choices, but overall it’s still an easy to use Windows gadget.

    The DriveInfo gadget displays the remaining free space on your hard drive(s) in both percentage and GB format. There’s even a handy progress-type bar that graphically displays used disk space.

    Pros & Cons

    Aside from missing a small option, DriveInfo is a must-have system utility gadget:

    What We Like

    • Isn’t confusing to use

    • Very simple to read

    • Contains several background and icon choices

    • Several options provide flexibility in drives displayed

    • Doubles as a drive shortcut list

    • Can display more than one drive at once

    More Information on the DriveInfo

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    HTC has launched a free VR rival for Zoom and Teams

    Companies all over the world have resorted to video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams as a means of holding meetings during the coronavirus outbreak, but interacting with colleagues has proven somewhat difficult behind a webcam.

    Therefore, HTC has announced that the beta version of its remote collaboration and meeting platform for VR, VIVE Sync, will be available free of charge to companies and remote employees during the pandemic.

    VIVE Sync, from first-party developer 2 Bears Studio and HTC, supports up to 30 participants simultaneously and provides full body tracking so that participants’ personally created avatars can communicate with their own body language.

    • HTC VIVE unveils new VR headset bundles for businesses
    • How VR and eye tracking can help you understand your customers
    • VR is the future of remote working

    The platform also supports Tobii eye tracking, which is embedded in headsets like the VIVE Pro Eye, for

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    Watch Inspector Gadget – Free TV Series Full Seasons Online

    S01:E01 – Monster Lake

    Gadget saves a scientist from Dr. Claw.

    S01:E02 – Down On The Farm

    Gadget seeks lost explorers in Malaysia.

    S01:E03 – Gadget At The Circus

    M.A.D. tries to destroy a circus.

    S01:E04 – The Amazon

    Dr. Claw tries to kidnap Professor Von Slicksfein.

    S01:E05 – Health Spa

    Gadget vacations at a health spa.

    S01:E06 – The Boat

    A jewelry heist on a luxury liner.

    S01:E07 – Haunted Castle

    A crime fighter’s convention.

    S01:E08 – Race To The Finish

    Dr. Claw plans to win a million-dollar prize.

    S01:E09 – The Ruby

    Dr. Claw steals the ruby of India.

    S01:E10 – A Star Is Lost

    Gadget guards a famous rock star.

    S01:E11 – All That Glitters

    Gadget and Penny uncover a gold temple.

    S01:E12 – Movie Set

    Gadget protects military secrets.

    S01:E13 – Amusement Park

    A bomb is hidden in an amusement park.

    S01:E14 – Art Heist


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    Free Computer Games Download | Free Games For PC

    Imperia Online

    Become the immortal ruler and lead your Empire to the world domination.


    Travel all through the Galapagos Islands – from the beachside to the jungles and the bubbling volcano!


    Have the time of your life fishing in the digital sparkling pond!

    General War

    Enjoy war and strategy combined in this all-new fun free game!

    Hey there, — don’t you enjoy pc games? We are here to show you that free computer games download is something we provide exclusively for your high quality entertainment. Shake off your doubts – the games we have selected are being checked to be totally secure and well-functioning. Feel free to download free games for pc as many times a day as you need and don’t forget to share with friends! Free computer games download – our main aim on the web.

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    definition of computer by The Free Dictionary



    “The Answer to the Great Question … Of Life, the Universe and Everything … Is … Forty-two” [Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy]


    Computer parts  analogue-digital converter, arithmetic logic unit or ALU, cartridge, case, CD-rewriter, CD-Rom drive, central processing unit or CPU, chip, coaxial cable, console, control key, counter, daisywheel, DDR-RAM, digital audio player, digital camera, digitizer, DIMM, disk, disk drive, disk unit, DRAM, DVD reader, DVD writer, emulator, encoder, flatbed scanner, floppy disk, graphics card, hard drive, integrated circuit, interface, joystick, keyboard, laser printer, LCD panel, line printer, magnetic tape unit or MTU, memory, microprocessor, modem, monitor, motherboard, mouse, MP3 player, multiplexor, optical character reader, optical disk, optical scanner, port, printed circuit board, printer, processor, scanner, screen, SDRAM, SIMM, sound card, speaker, trackball, transistor, USB port, visual display unit or VDU, webcam

    Computer terms  3D graphics, absolute address, access, access time, address,

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