from a wearable air purifier to a brain cooler, the best travel gadgets from the Berlin technology fair

a person sitting in a chair: When travel restarts, make sure you’re ready to go with the latest gadgets such as those shown at this year’s Berlin IFA tech show. Photo: Shutterstock

When travel restarts, make sure you’re ready to go with the latest gadgets such as those shown at this year’s Berlin IFA tech show. Photo: Shutterstock

We may not be travelling much, but when we do, we’ll have some exciting new tech to take with us.

At Berlin’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) – the only major tech exhibition happening in 2020 – there was a new slant on travel tech: Covid-19 related gadgets.

However, along with the portable mask sanitisers and wearable air purifiers, plenty of “old normal” tech was launched, to the delight of photographers, adventurers, and anyone who has trouble getting to sleep.

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Honor Watch GS Pro

Huawei sub-brand Honor announces the Watch GS Pro (US$300/HK$2,325), its first “extreme” smartwatch for hikers, skiers, cyclists and climbers. Able to run for

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Swift Tech Buy Announces Expansion of Gadgets for Trade-In – Press Release

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From trading mobile phones, this company now accepts video game consoles, smartwatches, and laptops

Today, more people find themselves stacking up old or broken gadgets, like mobile phones. This happens especially when tech companies release upgraded devices and people are quick to buy the latest ones out in the market. While other people may repurpose or recycle their gadgets, some may sell it online for some extra cash. Swift Tech Buy, a gadget trade-in platform, helps people trade in their old or broken devices for cash.

“Swift Tech Buy is offering consumers a secure way to trade in their unwanted electronics,” said Ahmed Bagoun, the company’s founder. Bagoun added that they plan to add more devices to the company’s buyback catalog in the next few weeks.

Swift Tech Buy adds videogame consoles, smartwatches, and laptops in the list of devices it accepts for trade-in.

The company accepts phones that are

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Airlines are removing seats to make space for gadgets and seafood | Coronavirus

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Cargo, one of the least glamorous aspects of flying, is proving a rare ray of light for airlines amid the coronavirus gloom.

The grounding of passenger planes at a time of increased demand for everything from medical supplies to iPhones has boosted freight rates. With much of the world’s population house-bound and shopping online instead of hitting the malls, analysts see no let-up in demand, particularly as the peak year-end holiday season approaches.

“Airfreight is going to be a bright spot for carriers at least for this year because while borders are closed that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying,” said Um Kyung-a, an airline analyst at Shinyoung Securities in Seoul, South Korea. “That trend is likely to continue as cargo capacity remains limited.”

The sort of goods moving along this global conveyor belt 30,000 feet in the sky also track the pandemic’s unfurling. Masks and gloves have given way to

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School girls encourage people donate gadgets to help needy students

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a group of people standing around a table: Pic/ ANI Twitter

© Provided by Mid-Day
Pic/ ANI Twitter

A group of five girls in Chandigarh have taken an initiative to collect electronic devices from people as donations for In an effort to help needy students to attend online classes. Speaking to ANI, Saachi Ahuja, one of the girls said, “We’ve given gadgets to 21 girls. It’s helping them to attend online classes as schools are closed.” These school-going teenagers have come together to encourage youngsters to donate their gadgets like mobile phones and laptops for underprivileged girls who cannot afford these gadgets for online learning.

It has been almost four months that all the schools have been closed due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown which has pushed students to opt for e-learning. Under the initiative ‘Prerna – for you and us’, these girls approach the youngsters to donate gadgets and provide the same to underprivileged girls. These girls have also been

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Flyers can take videos in flights but can’t use recording gadgets: DGCA

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Aviation regulator DGCA “clarified” on Sunday passengers can take photos and videos inside flights but can’t use any recording equipment that creates chaos, disrupts flight operations, violates safety norms or is banned by the crew members.

On Saturday, the regulator had said that a scheduled flight will be suspended for a period of two weeks if anyone is found taking photographs inside the plane.

Two days back, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation had asked IndiGo to take “appropriate action” after it found alleged violation of safety and social-distancing protocols by mediapersons in the airline’s Chandigarh-Mumbai flight that had actor Kangana Ranaut as a passenger.

According to a video of the incident that took place inside the flight on September 9, reporters and cameramen were jostling and bunching up to get a comment from Ranaut, who was sitting in

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These Kitchen Gadgets Will Save You Time During Back to School Madness

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Going back to school can be a relief for parents who are excited to have their kids out of the house—but this year, that might not be happening. Even if they are still distance learning, it’s a time that requires a lot of preparation. Lunches don’t make themselves, after all. So, check out our selections for the best meal prep tools for making lunch quick and easy.

a table topped with different types of food on a plate: OXO Little Salad And Herb Spinner

© Provided by Chowhound
OXO Little Salad And Herb Spinner

From Instant Pots to super convenient pantry organizers, we’ve rounded up a few kitchen gadgets that will help you stay organized while moving all of your meal prep along as quickly as possible—breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in fact.

Instant Pot DUO Plus, $119.95 from Amazon

a plate of food sitting on a counter: Instant Pot DUO Plus

© Provided by Chowhound
Instant Pot DUO Plus

Instant Pot / Amazon

If you haven’t invested in an Instant Pot yet, back-to-school season is the perfect time to

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Apple event confirmed – here are the new gadgets you should expect

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Apple is set to announce new gadgets on 15 September, but there are rumours the next-generation iPhone will be kept back until October.

the reflection of a building: Apple has a product showcase planned for 15 September

© Getty
Apple has a product showcase planned for 15 September

Here’s what to expect – and what not to expect.

Due to the coronavirus, the event is being held online – like Apple’s developer conference in June – and will broadcast at 6pm UK time next Tuesday (10am locally in California).

You’ll be able to follow along on the Sky News website and app.

An invite sent to media from Apple has confirmed the title of the event as “Time Flies” – potentially a reference to the new Apple Watch 6, which is among the devices expected to be announced.

a close up of a speaker: Tim Cook will reportedly not unveil new iPhones until October

© Getty
Tim Cook will reportedly not unveil new iPhones until October

Alongside that, the iPad Air 4 could be making an appearance, but there

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Which Of Cisco’s Gadgets Come From The Comics (& Which Were Created For TV)

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Cisco Ramon is one of the most popular characters in TV’s The Flash series, providing comic relief, pathos, and also some of the coolest gadgets in the Arrowverse. Fans were relieved to hear about Cisco’s continued importance in the series after all the major changes instigated by the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline.

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As a mechanical engineering genius with S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco has provided Barry and several other characters in the series with crucial tech that has allowed them to defeat their enemies, travel between dimensions, and much more.  But, knowing that much of TV’s The Flash deviates from the comics, how many of these gadgets were taken from the four-color pages? Conversely, which were invented for TV? In some cases, the answer is both.

10 Comics: Cisco Had Nothing To Do With

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Best dog tech: Toys, gadgets, and services for your pup

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International Dog Day lands on Wednesday, Aug. 26 this year, and there’s really no better way to celebrate than by giving your pup a gift. Because we’re all about tech (and pups) at ZDNet, we rounded up a few gadgets, gizmos, and subscriptions to consider. All these are well-reviewed across the internet, and many of them cost less than $100. 

We even included a few non-techie items at the bottom in case your dog isn’t interested in the latest hardware. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something no matter your budget.

Embark Breed and Health Kit


So, this first one is more for mom and dad — but c’mon! How cool would it be to find out Spot’s exact breed makeup and whether they’re predisposed to any genetic diseases? While Embark’s top-of-the-line Breed and Health Kit is more expensive than some of the others, it is the highest rated dog

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Gadgets takeover: Faceless learning in the midst of a pandemic

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THE BALANCE to continue learning amid a worldwide pandemic has pushed educators to innovate.

As the entire sector battles to educate, the virus eliminated precious face-to-face learning in exchange for the safety of learners.

Baguio universities and colleges face a new challenge to bring quality education despite restrictions, in a city known as the education center of the North, serving thousands of students.

University of the Philippines-Baguio (UPB) Chancellor Raymond Rovillos said the higher education sector is challenged and forced to adopt and adapt to virtual learning as a mode of delivering instruction and learning.

“I am for blended learning, which is a mix of virtual learning and face to face learning, but because of this pandemic, we still cannot do blended learning. Being forced to use virtual learning capacitates the university to this mode of teaching and learning , which is really going to be the University of

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