SD Times news digest: The GitHub Container Registry, AWS Bottlerocket, and Postman’s web client for API development

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GitHub has introduced a new container registry to improve how it handles containers within packages. The registry is available as a public beta, and will enable users to enforce better access policies, encourage the usage of standard base images, and promote innersourcing. 

“While GitHub Packages already gives teams greater traceability of their software supply chain, today we’re adding new capabilities to improve the experience and performance it provides for developers with GitHub Container Registry,” Kayla Ngan, a product manager for GitHub, wrote in a post.

The solution will be free for public images, and free for private images during its beta. Once the solution becomes generally available, private images will follow the same pricing model of GitHub Packages. The company will also provide data sharing and fine-grained permissions for containers across organizations. 

AWS introduces Bottlerocket
Bottlerocket is an open-source Linux distribution designed to run containers. “As our customers increasingly

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StarHub 5G: Test driving the brand-new trial network, Digital News

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Trying out a 5G trial

On Aug 18, StarHub announced that users of its new Mobile+ and Biz+ plans could get a taste of their 5G trial network.

In a nutshell, if a StarHub user is subscribed to either mobile plan while using a compatible 5G-ready smartphone, they’ll occasionally run into (and experience) what early 5G connectivity and speeds are like.

So, when StarHub offered to let us give their budding 5G network a taste test, we jumped at that opportunity.

With their blessing, we ventured to about ten different parts of Singapore to see if we can genuinely experience 5G-like speeds on our mobile phones.

The promises of 5G

Sure, Singapore isn’t that big, but it’s still considerable effort to visit specific parts of the island to see videos load faster and clearer, or bigger transfer rate numbers on a screen. To understand why it was worth our time,

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Technology Articles, Technological News | Popular Science

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Devices, apps, robots, and everything else that makes technology essential to your modern life.



Staying secure in the modern world is more difficult than ever. Every day, we face threats to our identities, our personal information, our data, and even ourselves. From malware attacks to phishing schemes, we survey the security landscape. It takes a lot more than some anti-virus software to stay safe. We go beyond the sensationalism to assess which threats could pose the biggest problems and dig into the repercussions that ripple through our lives once security has been compromised. KEEP GOING


Sure, artificial intelligence can generate hilarious song titles and paint colors, but it’s also powering some of the most compelling new technology of our time. Machine learning and neural networks are playing larger roles in almost every device and system we use. It’s built into your smartphone, your smart home, and maybe

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Documents, Databases, News, and Commentary

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Library Technology Guides

provides comprehensive and objective
information surrounding the many different types of technology products and services used by libraries.
It covers the organizations that develop and support library-oriented software and systems.
The site offers extensive databases and document repositories to assist libraries as they consider new systems
and is an essential resource for professionals in the field to stay current with new developments and trends.
Relevant news items are posted daily on Twitter:

Featured Content

EBSCO Information Services Acquires Zepheira

Zepheira, a company that has played a prominent role in the promotion and implementation of linked data to libraries and related institutions, has been acquired by EBSCO Information Services.

(Smart Libraries Newsletter, April 2020)

Libary Perceptions 2020: Results of the 13th International Survey of Library Automation

The thirteenth

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Computer science and technology | MIT News

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  • Reducing delays in wireless networks

    Congestion control system could help streaming video, mobile games, and other applications run more smoothly.

    April 9, 2020

  • Sprayable user interfaces

    CSAIL’s SprayableTech system lets users create large-scale interactive surfaces with sensors and displays using airbrushed inks.

    April 8, 2020

  • Computational thinking class enables students to engage in Covid-19 response

    Nearly 300 students join an open course that applies data science, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modeling using the Julia language to study Covid-19.

    April 7, 2020

  • Accelerating data-driven discoveries

    Life science companies use Paradigm4’s unique database management system to uncover new insights into human health.

    April 4, 2020

  • MIT joins White House supercomputing effort to speed up search for Covid-19 solutions

    Consortium includes industry, government, and academic institutions.

    March 23, 2020

  • System trains driverless cars in simulation before they hit the road

    Using a photorealistic simulation engine, vehicles learn to drive in the real world

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    Dandy Gadget – Dandy & Hot Gadget News + Reviews

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    People in today’s day and age visit many websites throughout the day, and they will expect sites that are fast, easy-to-navigate, functional and well-designed. This puts immense pressure on website owners,because if your website is not up to a high…

    Whatever form of browser you use on your computer —whether it’s Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox — you will have access to some form of private browsing. They come under different names such asInPrivate Browsing, Incognito Mode…

    The field of computing is wide and varied, and there are many different areas within the industry that you can work in. You might have thought about being a games developer, a web designer or even a data analyst –…

    CBD is gaining more recognition than ever, and more people are aware of its therapeutic properties. This gives entrepreneurs a great chance to

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    GadgetMadness GadgetMadness – New Gadgets, Gadget Reviews, Electronic Gizmos, & Technology News

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    Portable Power You Can Count On

    Gene Kupfer June 28, 2018

    If you regularly find yourself wondering where you can get some portable juice on the go for your smartphone, tablet or any portable device, you have to check out the mophie Powerstation Wireless External

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    FSLogix Apps 2.6 Now Available

    Gene Kupfer September 23, 2016

    Following on their release of 2.5, with the new, “Office 365 Container”, last week FSLogix announced the release of their 2.6 release.  From their release blog: High Availability Subsystem High availability is a key

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    FSLogix introduces container for Citrix Users with Office 365!

    Gene Kupfer July 9, 2016

    In this demo video, FSLogix Engineer, Dave Young, demonstrates drastic performance enhancements by comparing logon times and network utilization, between Traditional Desktops with Outlook’s Online Mode, Cached Exchange Mode, and Cached Exchange Mode with

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    The Carehub – The world’s first smart product designed to give  you and your elderly family peace of mind

    Gene Kupfer January 9, 2016

    How frustrating is it when you can’t connect to your elderly family? Do you know when they need help

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    Technology – BBC News

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    Many people working from home are relying on the internet

    Slow internet speeds are exacerbating an already frustrating period for many workers during South Africa’s three-week lockdown.

    This is because an undersea cable tore over the weekend.

    The West Africa Cable System (Wacs), which runs from Cape Town to Portugal and the UK, has caused major outages across all internet providers in the country.

    Users have experienced decreased speeds when making video conference calls, accessing international servers and websites.

    This is the second time this year the cable has been damaged.

    The internet disruption comes at the worst possible time as the Covid-19 crisis has forced many people to work remotely, with a fast and reliable internet connection being imperative.

    It there is likely to be disruptions to countries all along the African West coast.

    Africa’s largest mobile provider, MTN says it is working with suppliers to restore the cable

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    The Gadget Man – Technology News and Reviews

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    Motor manufacturer, Kia, have today released a report detailing two pieces of customer research in November 2019 and January 2020, speaking to 3000 UK residents between 16 and 60 about their views on moving to Electric from Petrol or Diesel cars.

    The research revealed that almost half of those interviewed admitted to over-exaggerating their green credentials to family and friends on subjects such as going ‘plastic-free’ and adopting zero-emission vehicles.

    It transpired that 65% of parents make green decisions after pressure from their children, with 46% of parents saying they felt pressured by them to go green.

    However, only 60% of Brits say they are ready to make the move to fully electric cars.

    Image Credit : Quentin Willson
    Image Credit: Quentin Willson

    This morning, I spoke to motoring expert, Quentin

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