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44 8875 Centre Park DrSte EColumbia, MD 21045 (410) 740-1700 First time using Gadget Guru for my sons Gaming Computer. I was appreciative of the care and time they took to get the job done correctly instead of rushing to fix it. Everything looks as good as new and I […]


8875 Centre Park Dr
Ste E

Columbia, MD 21045

(410) 740-1700

First time using Gadget Guru for my sons Gaming Computer. I was appreciative of the care and time they took to get the job done correctly instead of rushing to fix it. Everything looks as good as new and I will definitively be using their services again.

These guys rock!
My mac laptop had been dead for about a year and they fixed it, better than new (now I have an SSD)!! Great pricing too, under $300.

Shaw was super helpful and polite the entire time. I dropped by for an estimate and compared to the apple store, there was a big difference for my Series 4 Apple Watch. I decided to go with Gadget Guru and it was fixed within 3 business days (which is shorter than apple since they have to ship it out, fix it, and then ship it back to you). Highly recommend.

This is my place​ to go for IT support and maintenance. When I broke the screen on my iPad they knew right away what to do and got on it right away. When the face came off of my Apple watch, again they​ were knowledgeable​ and repaired it even though it was an old version of the watch. I appreciated their support, expertise, and treatment of me as a customer.

They have helped me several times and each time was prompt, courteous and reasonably priced. Great place!

During a very eventful St. Paddy’s day, my iPhone 6 went for a quick swim in a toilet (oops!). Immediately, I removed the case, and held it under the hand dryer… and it still worked so I kept using it to document the Luck of the Irish on Snapchat for the rest of the evening. I didn’t attempt to charge it (which apparently saved it from further damage), but fast forward to the next morning, the screen went blank and I couldn’t turn it back on. Of course, accidental water damage isn’t covered by Apple Care… and I had travel plans two days later (mobile boarding passes, Outlander on Audible, Spotify Premium…), I definitely needed my phone to work!

Option 1
After removing the SIM card, placing the phone in rice, and watching YouTube videos of people taking apart the entire iPhone with tools and patience I don’t have… I decided I needed someone to fix it.

Option 2
Apple Store? Crowded and slow service, so maybe make a reservation at the “Genius Bar”? On my laptop, I attempt this, and it wants me to enter a code on my iPhone (which obviously won’t work since I need the Genius bar to fix it…), so I used a land line to call for an appointment, and it directed me to make the appointment online. UGH.

Option 3: BEST OPTION!!!
Google “fix iPhone Columbia”, found Gadget Guru. Wrote directions down on a post-it since I wouldn’t have Google Maps (now realizing how dependent I am on technology). 😉 One hour later, my phone was in working order, and they also took care to clean off the camera lens from the inside as well (since the water damage made the lens foggy). iPhone is fully fixed and I’m ready for take-off tomorrow. 😀 YAY!!!

$50 diagnostics, went toward the $120 fix total. 🙂 Totally worth it.

They’re Awesome!!!!!

I broke my iphone 4s Digitizer screen about two weeks ago and since then it was so annoying to use it… In order to save myself some money I ordered the digitizer screen on Ebay for $22 and after watching couple of videos on youtube decided to replace the screen myself….
It was a really peace of work up to two hours and i figured I pulled the wire which comes from digitizer too much so it broke… After lesson was learned I decided to look up some local places that could get it done for me by experts rather than doing it again and mess more things up…

After finding few places nearby and checking the reviews I figured Gadget Guru is the best so far base on reviews on Yelp and recommendations! I called them by 11am and talked to the owner on the phone he was nice and friendly and said just come over we will take care of it! Which they really did!

After I walked in the store the owner has greeted me and welcomed me to the placed and asked me how may I assist you, I told him I was the one that called earlier about my iPhone screen, he quoted me $80 for replacing the screen and $20 for extra time to fix all the mess i did on my phone while I opened everything and used wrong screws for the parts…. Well they were so fast and got it done in an hour…. My phone now works perfect and after replacing the screen looks like brand new! Thanks to Gadget Guru for taking care of myself! I will highly recommend everyone to get their screen replaced by Gadget Guru they do an awesome job, fast service and very reliable people to do business with!

They really know what they’re doing here.

A bottle of water exploded in my bag with my phone inside. I brought the water damaged phone to Paul, the manager here. He not only was able to extract all my pictures onto my USB, but being the magician he is, he even got the phone working again (sans some features which the water permanently damaged).

I am extremely impressed by the professionalism and promptness of Paul and the rest of the Gadget Guru crew. I would trust them with any electronic device I own and confident they would do a good job.

I slipped on the ice on Tuesday morning and the screen on my Dell laptop cracked on impact. I dropped it off at Gadget Guru on Tuesday evening and picked it up Thursday good as new.
The service was great and the price was very reasonable.

Sitting in the waiting room, I was stunned by how much business this place gets. But now I understand…

My husband had water damage on his phone and as someone who never backed up his phone, he was panicking from the possibility of losing all the pictures of our baby.

Luckily, he brought his phone to Gadget Guru. Paul, the manager was exceptionally helpful and was not only able to scrub off the corrosion on the inside of the phone, he was able to extract all of the pictures for us onto our USB.

Paul was the epitome of a knowledgeable tech guru. The price was also very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Worst customer service I have ever visited. I dropped my phone on Friday, and they promise to call me back on Sunday or Monday to inform the root cause. But until Tuesday they still no call me, so I call them back. They told me they don’t know what happen to my phone and they suggest to replace the mainboard which cost more than my phone current price. It is ridiculous. The worse thing is when I pick up phone, I found the huge scratch on my phone and my screen is totally broken. I talk the their staff. and he told me he will talk to his manager and give me a solution. But after 1 week, I didn’t get any call back. They just leave it alone and ignore everything. I am really disappointed. Will never visit it again and never refer any friend. It is most terrible service I ever seen.

Needed a product verified for insurance purposes. Very reasonable price and timely. Recommended for this service.

They charge iPhone 6 screen for $120 where as rest of the places charge between $60-$70

My Samsung computer was an ultralight laptop (it has a solid-state HD), but about 4 years old. Generally have had no issues, but lately, about 2-3 months ago, it started to make a lot of noise (like a fan was straining to work) and started to get pretty hot after use, especially if I had a lot of windows open in my browser.
So decided to get it fixed and did not want to open this myself…Called Gagetguru and spoke to Josh about the problems. After taking a 50 dollar deposit promised to call me after open up the system to give me a better estimate of the problem. As promised he did just that, and took only one day to clean out the fan, apply some cooling gel/pad that had become bad and return the system to me. Total cost 120 (50 deposit + 70 for labor and parts)…
I am impressed that it was quick and very reasonable. Liked their professionalism and service. Highly recommend these guys..
Thank you for breathing new life into my system..saves me having to buy a new one!

I brought my daughters laptop here for a broken power port. They fixed it the same day and also tightened the hinge screws that were causing a wobbly top when opened.

The work was impeccable. An “invisible” repair that looked and functioned as new.

Polite and competent service technicians with many parts in stock.

I will return for any future needs.

I would never recommend this place to anyone!!!!! Not only was I quote a price of $140 to replace my iPhone 6s Plus over the phone to find out after driving 20 miles to get there that would not be the right price but the price to fix the screen for iPhone 6s Plus is exactly $240 because of being an “s” model, so at this point I was pretty upset at it being almost double then what I was quoted but figured all places must be around the same price…You would figure right?? Well no not at all!!! While waiting to get the phone fixed I stoped at the AT&T store to get a new case and they let me know that they fix ANY screen for only $90!!! Can you believe that! Fast forward about a month later and I wake up to my screen not working!! Go figure smh!!!! This time I take it to the Apple Store were they tell me that it’s the srceen and it needs to be replaced! They also let me know that they would of fixed the screen for $149 for again ANY screen!! Wow wish I would of know before I got a faulty “third party screen” that broke within a mouth of fixing!! Also but not least because I got it from a “third party” dealer the warranty was no longer on the phone from getting the screen from you guys and I suppose to pay now $149 to get it fixed!! Thank goddess they felt so bad that I had paid your store such an outrageous price to get the screen relaced a mouth prior that they did it for free but only if I promised which I diffently had NO problem doing to never get a screen replaced from you guys:) SO THANKS FOR THE HORRIBLE SERVICE AND THE WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!! I hope all the reads this will never make the same mistake I did!!!

These guys have been my saviors after I’ve completely cracked my precious phone! I’ve taken two different iPhones in for cracked screens and both times have had great experiences. The work was completed quickly and is well done. My guy who runs the shop is friendly and competent. I definitely recommend them for replacing phone screens!

I got my iPhone screen fixed here. They are cheaper than apple’s price. It cost more than buying your own do it yourself kit but really, I really don’t want to try to the phone apart. I’d probably screw something up.

I wanted to get a new phone but not being eligible for an upgrade, a new iPhone cost a lot and I didn’t want to chance any used or cheaper phones. I have had iPhones for over 5 years and never cracked the screen. Until now.

I almost went to a kiosk at the mall but I’m glad I googled and looked on yelp first. This was closer to my house. And who wants to leave your phone at a mall kiosk? Not me.

They got the job done in 30 minutes. Friendly staff. Very easy!

Did a good job fixing my laptop in the sense that the laptop is completely functional again, but there is a small dent that resulted from the repair. I would have given more stars, but I felt that for an $180 repair the dent could have possibly been avoided.

Love this place. I’ve had to replace a cracked iPhone screen several times (thanks to my 4 year old) and have had great experiences here. The staff is friendly and knowledgable and quick, always done within an hour.

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