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Sunset This widget helps to calculate the sunrise and sunset times for each location in world on each day of the year. Enjoy planning your next holiday, trip or photo session where ever and when ever you want to go. Just click on the location on the map on […]



This widgets displays slide shows from images in RSS feeds. Either select the most recent feed from Flickr or
Photobucket or enter your own feed URL. The feed can parameterized by using %s in the URL which will be replaced by the tags from the front side.

Don’t miss the mobile version at

Language Translator


Translates any text between different languages using Googles language translation service. It can even detect the source language.

Please Update: Google changed its language translation service. It’s
no longer free. In order to keep the popular widget working we are willing
to cover the cost of 33000 translated characters per day. You need to
download the latest version in order to keep using it.

Don’t miss the mobile version at

Last.fm Radio Widget


Listen to your favourite music from Last.fm. Choose your personal radio stream either by artist or tag.

SpeedyMarks Widget


This widget lets you create visual bookmarks for your favourite websites.

Please check SpeedyMarks for more.

Globe 3D


Every desktop needs a globe and so does your dashboard. This globe shows the earth in 3D. In addition you can see the moon, the sun and all other planets.

The globe is provided by Poly9 FreeEarth.

Picasa Web Album


Displays slide shows from public and private
Picasa Web Albums. Just enter the Picasa album URL on the backside. You can change the size and background color of the widget.

Web Checker


Do you find yourself checking the same web sites all over again and again for new and updated content? Then this widget is for you. It checks the content of a web page periodically and throws an alarm when it has changed. Instead of complete pages it can check just subsections too.

Google Logo


Did you see the special Google logos on certain days? This widgets let’s you watch the current logo so you will never miss one again.

For any technical questions about downloading or using our Widgetop Widgets please contact us on: [email protected]

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