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Estelle Sidler

Randy15-Aug-20134:09 pm Desktop GadgetsThank you for the very useful Gadgets!! I am dual booting Win 7 Ultimate x64 and Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit located on a secondary hard drive in a HP Dv7. Would be nice to have your Gadgets on my desktop in Ubuntu. Gwen15-Mar-20133:36 am […]

4:09 pm

Desktop Gadgets
Thank you for the very useful Gadgets!! I am dual booting Win 7 Ultimate x64 and Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit located on a secondary hard drive in a HP Dv7. Would be nice to have your Gadgets on my desktop in Ubuntu.

3:36 am

Multi GPU Support
Just a note for those that want to have multi gpu support, I have two GPUs and I run the GPU meter twice. Just make sure that the two instances of it are pointing to two separate cards.
By the way…LOVE the gadget!

Philip Smith
3:01 am

GPU Meter
Works exactly as described on my Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 machines, when used in conjunction with PCMeter. Here’s a helpful hint. Create a task in Task Scheduler to launch PCMeter anytime a user logs onto Windows. Set the task to start with “highest privileges” so it runs as Administrator. Then, you won’t have to enter your admin password or click through the UAC prompt.

12:12 am

Great Tool
This is a great way to keep track of my GPU during gaming sessions. Just a quick glance and I can tell what is going on and how my GPU is performing. The only drawback is that you cannot monitor multiple GPU’s in the same window but rather have to invoke another instance of the gadget to monitor the second one.

4:15 am

Multiple graphics cards
I have multiple graphics cards, it would be useful if both were shown & I didn’t have to choose which 1 i want to look at. otherwise top scores :)

5:51 am

Latest version works great
Only thing I missing is “Show memory usage number” choice as in All CPU Meter. Bar with percentage is sufficient for most of people I think and gadget could be smaller with same information value.

1:10 am

perfect one it has all the info i need.

9:50 pm

Finally I saw very perfect site
firstly it is very good that downloading is fast…There is no any problem that gets me angry … I use GPU meter… great thanks

5:26 pm

Really Fantastic Gadget
At last the gadget works on my pc. It is a useful thing to know the condition of the gpu processor. And the gadget is very nice to look at. So, excellent

Jamez Keith
12:19 am

GPU Meter Version 2.3
This thing is working great so much that I hope it doesn’t break down.Also I don’t even want delete it!

5:35 am

Nice Gadget
Wish there was a rating, this would be a 5s. Really like the GPU meter, very handy. Working very well with my ATI (to the extent ATI will let it work anyways) and my NVida cards . I would like to see support for multiple GPU’s for people with SLI or CrossFire setups.

2:01 pm

Inice it works with install of the fix fill.

2:01 pm

Good job!
I use cpu, network and gpu meter… love em all to death!… One tiny thing though could you please show the max recorded temp for cpu and also for gpu for future release?…
Thank you for all your hardwork..

8:33 pm

Finally working!
I previoulsy tried GPU meter when it was version 1.2, and was disappointed to learn that it did not work with my HD 6950, but with the new 2.02 release that seems to have been fixed and everything is working fine. My only gripe is that it is not currantly possible to disable the memory clock and usage section, which is not compatible with my grapics card, and which i would not want to use anyway, so simply sits taking up space. Other than this, great gadget!

4:33 am

addgadgets rock
I use 4 of your gadgets on all my PC’s including my work PC. Incredibly helpful…

2:39 am

Nice! Good Job! It now works on my Inspiron N4050 (dual-graphics, intel and AMD). With the help of PCMeter, it can now read all stats of my card.

Michael Stark
3:25 pm

finally got it
At the end figured out, that GPU Meter was not really missing the pc meter app, but did not work with MicroSoft drivers for my nvidia card (WHQL 1.1 from MicroSoft for a GF9600). After changing to the nvidia driver, now everything runs fine.

12:29 am

v2.0.2- Great
GPU Meter has always been great, especially for gaming users who want to easily make sure their GPU is operating normally.
v2.0.2 makes it better with the alerts. I push my GPU very close to its operating limits, so the alerts are very useful.

Kevin Hyland
8:03 pm

GPU Meter 2.0.2
Works very well. Saved my bacon. Heard the new alarm butdid not know what it was at first. Started searching the screen forsomething wrong and saw the temperature of the GPU “180”.An internal USB cable was touching the GPU cooling fan stopping itfrom turning. Thank you great job again.

7:52 am

Exellent service, Great apps
I use this gadget and many others from They are all very useful and loads of accurate information that display and are easy to read when you want to have a quick look at your processor usage or you graphic card temp. I use them all the time and i couldn’t live without them. This gadget is particularly useful to me because from time to time my graphic card will fail or overheat, so this helps me keep it in check. Keep up the great updates! from a very happy Add-gadget user.

10:07 am

PC Meter as adminstrator (WIN7)
Version 2.0 runs perfect – if you start PC Meter as administrator. Otherwise PC Meter can not be detected by GPU Meter

1:19 pm

Superb gadget
I really love this gadget.
Makes my life as a LOTRO player so much easier..
Also makes overclocking my nVidia gtx 580 so much easier.:)
Thanks for yet another great gadget.:)

6:31 pm

Looks good
I haven’t actually tried it yet, because I have an Intel graphics card šŸ™ However, I use all of your other gadgets on my desktop, and this gadget looks no worse than the others (that’s a compliment). I hope that you guys are making an update for compatibility with other graphics cards, such as Intel. When that comes out, I will use this gadget on my desktop everyday.

Bridget Emeanu
8:07 pm

Like It!
i like it alot cause it helps me to monitor my pc’s performance.

8:35 pm

Awesome and helpful
Excellent gadget, and very helpful, but it stopped working for my HD 6950/6970, but still a great gadget.

7:19 pm

Very Good and Usefull
The gadget shows the most important info about your GPU, being: Temperature, General Usage percentage, and advanced info like the fan speed, shader clock, etc, really good indeed.

11:28 am

It’s nice, only thing missing for my GTX470’s seems to be the GPU and shader frequencies. Memory clock works fine however.

8:25 am

Excellent gadget just like the rest!
I only have three gadgets on my desktop (because I like a clean desktop) and all three of them are made by you. I love all three of them for their excellent functionality and customizability.
Great little programs, keep up the great work!


11:55 pm

GeFroce GTX 460
It would be nice if you supported the GeFroce GTX 460 graphic card a little more like show GPU clock, Shader Clock & PCB Temp. But other than that its a great gadget!!!


11:15 pm

Love this gadget! Accurate to a ‘T’ – Nice desktop feature to have, in a compact design!

5:21 pm

Very useful
I love this app, allows me to see how much VRAM the game I play are using to give my friend a better idea on the size of the video card he should get. I use almost all of your widgets, they’re great!

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