Windows Desktop Gadgets – Network Meter Gadgets Version 9.6

Estelle Sidler

Jared Green10-Nov-201312:05 am Network MeterI love this informative gadget that helps me with not only checking on my system but understanding what is going on while I’m creating new programs or just installing new things on my system. I think these set of gadgets are essential for any computer […]

Jared Green
12:05 am

Network Meter
I love this informative gadget that helps me with not only checking on my system but understanding what is going on while I’m creating new programs or just installing new things on my system. I think these set of gadgets are essential for any computer user so you can understand what is going on, whether to wait or click again or just change windows to the one that popped up in the background so you can click “OK”. I am donating for several reasons, but most of all, because this is the kind of program that needs our attention and support.

1:12 am

Network Meter 9.6
This gadget is terrific! I’ve been using it since Windows Vista was still new. I especially appreciated the addition of quota data. I’m intrigued by the history graph image above and look forward to trying it out.

Mitchell Schneider
1:12 am

Love it
Have been using this for years! This is what the internet use to be like in the early days, simple and incredibly useful! Thanks for all the hard work to the developers. Please keep it up!

9:14 pm

Network Meter
I was forced to find a network meter after moving in with a couple with limited bandwidth. I was really shocked to see how much bandwidth is being used when no programs are active. I am upgrading the network meter and donating for such a wonderful tool.

4:41 pm

Network Meter
One day i wanted to keep an eye on my network, so i went to the net to find a way to do just that. Well i found Garbage everywhere. Then i stumbled on Network Meter read about it an tried it out. I have never turned back and have never thought i needed something better. This piece of Pure Genius innovation does about everything you need to monitor your network. The person who made this top Quality workmanship need to be given their due. Its simple yet extremely effective and it does not impact your system like any other Copy cats.
Cheers to the developer I was glad to help you out and send you a donation to help forward the development, so please help this developer out and just donate anything to help out.
I do request you to add the option to be able to monitor multi IP on the network and give separate stats (like how much BW the ip’s use.
Thank you again for your great work and i tell everyone about your programs and how great they are. Can we help you out by linking from our site to yours.

Pranab Das
5:51 pm

Pure Genius!
As a retired Tier 1 network designer and troubleshooter the meter ‘Speed’ name should be ‘Throughput’. As it includes Traffic the results of this Ping test is a measure of the most you may actually get for your traffic. Carriers, like mine, do significant DPI traffic slow down of large files. (Which I frequently circumvent) On the very positive side, on a TM blog I directed many of my pro peers to the meters and they were astounded. I use it to enlighten them to several not so obvious network traffic situations. The main concept is that the traffic generated by PCs are a series of impulses (small parts of a second), not steady streams. On the Data Usage Charts one should be able to display it on a fixed time scale.

Enrique A. Vogt
11:00 pm

Pure Genius!
I see AVG is now sponsoring most of these add gadgets. I’d Keep this guy on payroll AVG. I’ve been using them since before MS windows took them off their desktop gadget options… BIG mistake on Microsofts part. Helps me keep on all my network activity and other functions, alerting when something is going on that shouldn’t Example: malware or viruses that hijack ones network or computer. I can easily see that its working overtime when it shouldn’t be. Excellent Apps. Ever think of going Cellular? Android, IOS devices… etc…etc… I give them six out of 5 stars!!

11:27 pm

E-mail report
If there was some way to have an e-mail report sent to me, I could give this to my ISP and show them how crapy there service is. When you get disconnected 3 to 6 times a day, it would be nice to slap them with something in writing. I like this version it is very detailed and I thank you.

WaaWaa Waa
2:01 pm

Jim I think you should try this version 9.5 for its new Sound Alert
So far, this is the best gadget I have ever seen. Regarding the Refresh Net and Refresh Ext. IP buttons, I agree with Jim. They were useful and should be brought back. The new feature, sound alert, is what I’ve always wanted. In fact, I came across this version just as I was about to contact the website to request a sound alert feature. Now it is quite difficult to come up with any ideas for improving the gadget further.

5:54 am

Network Meter V7.0
I wont upgrade until you put the Refresh Net and Refresh Ext. IP buttons back on, they were very useful and necessary when troubleshooting. Other than that, this is a very superb gadget.

6:08 pm

Pros Think Awsome Tool
As a retired Tier 1 network designer and troubleshooter the meter ‘Speed’ name should be ‘Throughput’. As it includes Traffic the results of this Ping test is a measure of the most you may actually get for your traffic. Carriers, like mine, do significant DPI traffic slow down of large files. (Which I frequently circumvent) On the very positive side, on a TM blog I directed many of my pro peers to the meters and they were astounded. I use it to enlighten them to several. not so obvious network traffic situations. The main concept is that the traffic generated by PCs are a series of impulses (small parts of a second), not steady streams. On the Data Usage Charts one should be able to display it on a fixed time scale.

7:01 pm

Network meter Review
Find the network meter helpfully, love the flexibility of the it the most. I am controlling the meter not the other way around meaning i give the parameters in witch i am comfortable with.

12:49 pm

Best Mate For Internet Users
Helps me manage my data limits….. It also helps to diagnose my lan speed..and is consistently Awesome !!!!!!!!!

12:51 pm

Cant live without it
Its a very useful tool and cant live without it. I can monitor the bandwidth, the network usage and much more.

4:09 pm

I have been using this gadget from the start and it has been a wondeful help. I just dialed the new version and am looking forward to checking out this one. Thanks guy’s or gal’s Keep up the GREAT work !!!

12:32 pm

Used since vers 4. Using on Win 7-64 now. So useful. Hope you find a way to continue on Win 8. Would be willing to buy license if you had to sell to continue development. Thanks for maintaining this.

Allan Welson
12:21 pm

AddGadgets – High Quality Software!
Congratulations to this high quality work! I love this gadget and the others (CPU, GPU, Battery and Clock), because let me quickly informed and without consuming large system resources; usually have one or more of these installed in PCs that i use.

Greek guy
3:44 pm

This thing isnt a gadget,its A REAL TOOL !!!!! Useful more than hundret of silly things on my desktop,respect and many thanks.

Muzaffar Husain
9:58 am

Very Usefull Gadget
This Network Meter really a great help… I’ll keep on using it, thanks!

3:14 pm

Best Gadget
Now days, with service providers limiting your usage, this a MUST tool that everybody should have.
Clean, simple interface, and at the same time providing all the necessary info.
Great job !!!

Michael Carr
6:02 pm

Network Meter
Brilliant, you know when to stop downloading if you have a fixed monthly ammount, also it is good to know both IP Addresses, most people don’t, Runs fine no issues.

5:29 pm

Useful Gadget
This Network Meter really a great help… I’ll keep on using it, thanks

9:15 pm

I have been using the meter to monitor when I lose connection because the ISP here is so spotty that at times i do not get full download speeds, and when the connection returns I do not get the correct connection speeds at the modem. great item.

11:10 am

Most Useful Gadget
I am a long time user of Network Meter and can’t think of using my PC without it. It helps me keep an eye on my monthly download limits as well as providing details about the download speed in real time. I keep it “Always on Top” when surfing but don’t know why sometimes it goes in the back ground.

1:10 am

Consistently Awesome
A constantly updated gadget that works amazingly and looks great too. Works in windows 8 with a little effort, and I truly appreciate this software, especially for free.

Ed Buckley
10:20 pm

Neat Gadget
Handy gadget for determining data usage and dowload status and speeds.One of only 2 gadgets I keep on the desktop.Very well done.

7:57 pm

It’s a great gadget,i use it because my limit is only 15gb and i like the remaining per day!

Jarn Larsen
6:16 pm

Great Gadget
I Love the new version of Network Meter. I’m using the gadget on All my Pc’s. Because I Like to keep an eye on my Network traffic. I have some PC only access via teamviewer, and then is it nive to see how “communication” is ruing. And it will tell a lot about my Netcard.

Kori Ward
2:49 pm

Network Meter
I really enjoy glancing up on my desktop & viewing my current IP Address and noticing I have A secure Network connection.

2:27 am

Great gadget
Very useful, thanks for the effort to improve.

3:17 am

This is the one must have tool running on the desktop.

8:55 am

Network Meter
Excellent, I use it with CPU Usage and Drives Meter. These Gadgets are the best Gadgets I found. They are all great. Thanks.

James F. Pasquini
6:15 am

Network Meter a Winner!
I’ve used nearly all the gadgets from AddGadgets for years! I’ve always been very pleased with their performance, stability (and yes, price). As said before, AddGadgets is the only place where their gadgets are always being improved! My donation will be by the end of this week! Thank you!

Matt F
3:29 am

This Gadget…
Has been using this little gem for quite some time,and nary an issue whatsoever. keep up the great work guys…and or gals!

2:13 am

Keep doing it
Congratulations. Extraordinary work. Shame on money for abandoning Desktop Gadgets. There should be a Universal Open Market (or App Store) for all these apps.

6:23 pm

Love Em
I had the CPU and Network meters, but they disappeared. Now I downloaded them again since I like to know what is going on. I just have to find the Temp sensor thing again.

Don Heckman
1:29 pm

Best Network Meter Made!
Ditto to Mr. Desmarais comment. Basically I need to understand how much data I am passing to and from the Internet rather than how much is being passed on the local subnet. Cox limits me to a certain number of GB. It would be great if this Gadget could track Internet usage only. Even better if it could watch both.

Asif Shaikh
9:40 am

Best Gadget in the world!
The best gadget in the world! I use them a long time, the Version 9.2 functions very well and provides all the info I need on Windows 7. I’m very grateful for this highly useful network meter!

7:15 am

Great support!
Not only best gadget but also best support! Way to go! Thank you so much. Can’t live without it.

9:20 pm

Network Meter Version 9.2
My tests with Network Meter Version 9.2 was very nice and i like it. But i think i have a problem with my standard browser (firefox). It can’t shows the Data Usage Chart. Microsoft Internet Explorer can show the chart perfectly.

Terry Kemp
3:25 pm

IP Lookup
This is the best gadget in the world! I use it all the time!

3:06 pm

addgadgets are the only gadgets worth using. Very well written, timely updates, useful information. don’t waste your time with any other gadgets and stick with the addgadgets collection.

Denis Desmarais
10:57 pm

Network Meter 9.1
I love that gadget. works perfect but 1 little thing. The total of usage. The total is based on what pass by the card itself. So far so good but if you have an internal network with media servers and network NAS, the total of usage use that information as well.
I think trafic usage should not include local network. I don’t know if that gadget reads this information thru the Kernel or thru the card but if it is in the kernel than it should be easy to mask the local communication.
Otherwise, great gadget

Jhulio Solis-Fondeur
3:41 pm

Speed test
I just loved it as well as the new version of the Network Meter. I downloaded Drives Meter as well. I’ve been using the Network Meter for about 4 years now and continue to be very pleased with it. It’s very user friendly and my friends and relatives use it as well and love it too.
We all appreciate the opportunity to benefit from these quality free gadgets in a world that’s so money minded.
Keep up the good work!
Thank you very much!

12:45 pm

Just great
Great set of gadgets. I use them a long time. Just the new firewall check does not detect my 3rd party firewall. I run Comodo. Would be great if it would detect it.

5:55 am

Network meter 9.1
This meter WORKS, I use it on Win8pro64bit. I have tried several and this is the one shows the activity.
thanks again…

10:30 pm

Long-time fan
I’ve been using the Network Meter and the All CPU Meter for a long time and I found them to be useful tools. Except for the new “firewall check” feature not detecting my 3rd-party firewall software, the tools have been flawless. I am also happy to have found at AddGadgets a solution to enable gadgets in Windows 8 by using 8GadgetPack. Thanks!

3:04 am

Great Gadget
I have been using your Network Meter since Vista. Version 9.1 functions very well and provides all the info I need on Windows 7. Thank you very much.

Mathieu Bois
9:24 pm

Know what is happening
Very handy to know when a download or upload starts and stops. Also handy to know the max bandwidth you can really use on your ADSL connection (when you full load it). It helped me in the past when I had problems on my line, and also when I travel, to prevent me from doing big downloads if the bandwidth is poor.

7:24 pm

All of these widgets look so professional instead of the other ones that lack the color and official theme that these widgets have. I love it!

10:00 pm

Can’t live without it
Been using this since about version 3 and it’s just become completely indispensable to me. The new versions get better and better. Keep up the good work.

4:06 pm

Keeps Getting Better
This tool is indespenable for troubleshooting network issues with my ISP and it just keeps getting better!

10:32 pm

Fantastic gadget
This is one of the very few gadgets still being updated (many gadgets have disappeared with the Microsoft gadgets repository), and it gets better all the time.
Some of my favorite features are:
-Ability to set the amplitude of the graph to any amount you need for your network.
-Saves your settings between versions (to my memory I have not seen any other gadgets do this).
I’m very grateful for this highly useful network meter!

Kevin B.
4:03 pm

I really enjoy this and all of the gadgets here. The information provided is invaluable and immediately accessible when needed. Thank you for making them.
If you would be kind enough to accept a suggestion for feature addition I would ask that you provide the ability to show the IP address of multiple nics. Similar to the drive tool that displays data from as many drives as the user specifies. I believe that this would be very beneficial on laptops especially where you may have both nics connected at times.
Thank you again!

3:37 pm

Great Tool
I love this tool and run it on all my windows machines so I know if I’m getting the bandwidth I’m paying for and whether I’m even connected. a must have and it keeps getting better.

11:31 pm

Excellent gadget
Overall, it works great, however it does not seem to recognize that I have AVG’s firewall running. Something for the next version. Keep up the great work!

Sohail Baloch
9:22 am

Very Good for Monitoring Your Net Performance
I have found it very helpful in monitoring my net quality and performance.

12:23 am

Almost There!
I love the features of the tool in Windows 7. The firewall information is interesting too, but there is an issue with the “Profile” setting, which doesn’t accurately reflect the interface associated with the “For Speed” or “For Internal IP Address”, at least on my system.
I currently have a number of virtual interfaces (VBOX & VMWARE) and use the second physical ethernet interface on my motherboard. While my firewall profile is “Home” for this (main) interface, the rest are all Public. The Network Meter (9.0) shows the profile as Public.

8:14 pm

This is the simplest and best way to monitor network traffic in windows 7!

Mike Junk
12:02 pm

Network Meter
Best network meter ever. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

John Conti
2:19 pm

Gadget Quality
I too would like to say thank you for a cool gadget, that it most useful. And also, to let you know how appreciative we are to be WITHOUT the advertisements and b.s. that usally go along with freeware.

4:51 pm

Excelent job
Hello!! this is a very nice gadget and I just wanted to comment & say that you’ve done a great job.
thank you.

Larry Yates
9:28 pm

Thank You
I really appreciate your having an option available to download a program without having to go through a series of advertisements and unwelcome installations.

4:36 pm

Really very useful
All these gadgets are very useful, it really neat and tidy.
Perfect !!!

2:15 pm

Great support software
Fantastic utility! Only one I use and recommend!

8:13 pm

The only Gadget
The only Gadget i ever used, never close it, the fastest and easiest way to understand whats happen, even with every thing connected, (BUT I MUST RESTART THIS GADGET WHEN I PLUG A NEW DEVICES), SPECIAL THANKS WITH REGARDS.

10:01 am

great job
hey hey!! this is a very nice website here and I just wanted to comment & say that you’ve done a great job here! Very nice choice of colors & layout, very easy on the eyes.. Nicely done!

charles montenaro
1:55 pm

would not have a computer without the helpful gadgets.

11:24 am

Best network gadget
this is to me the best network gadget. Works perfectly, is well designed, displays all details I need to see.
Great work!

John P. Edwards
9:20 pm

I’ve been using this product for many years now since Xp and it works great on Windows 7 as well of course. Love it! A must have for any build I do.

ray stanborough
12:17 pm

Network meter
A fantastic addon, lets you see exactly what is happening via the ineternet.

10:10 pm

Great gadget !
wonderfull gadget been using it over a year, good to see my network speed and throughput in real time.
Just a suggestion, the 2 network interface lists have the same matching names in them, most of the time it wouldn’t be a stretch to set only the 1st list and have the gadget match the 2nd list with it automatically.
and since most computers only have 1 nic or 2 like laptops, it would be best to have 2 drop downlists like currently but 1 for wifi 1 for wired.
if there would be a lil icon for the network type in use that would be cool too.
keep up the good work, i like your gadgets !

3:28 am

The network meter is very help full gadget to have a look on the network usage, the feature i liked is to change the IP address at an instance…!
Thankyou :)

Jhone Sarma
9:43 pm

Network Meter V8.1
from many day i try to find a software for check my balance but till now i did not find this but this network meter help me about know speed and data used.By subtract the data used i chack my balance

Oki Erie Rinaldi
6:12 am

Network Meter gave me more
Network Meter has given me more information about my network connection. So, I can control my internet charge and keep my money save.

7:01 pm

Network Meter V8.1
In a few words, AMAZING in it’s capacity and EXCELLENT for it’s purpose. I would highly recommend this for your computer, especially your laptop, I have it on the side of my screen all the time (along with a few others gadjets like drives meter, CPU meter etc.) It is a great way to consistantly see the status of the internet connection. These “gadjets” are like the instrument cluster in your car, you wouldn’t want to operate without it!

6:16 am

I really love it becuse it keep my internet connetion smooth and running and Develupers keep theme coming and on a personal note I will not go without one for “ALL OF MY PC’S” network divices and THANK YOU for the work that you and your team are doing and keep up the exlent work and I will recomend anyone to you and your team and thank you so much with love & kindness

6:47 pm

Must Have Gadget
Great windows app, I have this and all the others, great creativity, information and works like a charm. Please dont be like Microsoft that has abandon all support for their gadgets.

6:18 pm

Network Meter is A GET IT!
I would not be without it. It is important to see what is going on with your network.

11:26 am

thanks so much this is helper
thanks for this is gadget help me to know how rate for download and simple gadget

7:14 pm

Awesome Gadget
This is another of my must have gadgets. Use this on my desktop and laptop. I use this along with All CPU Meter, Drive Meter and Control System!

5:43 pm

You provide very applicable gadgets. I love them specially the Network meter. I does its job very well and I can manage my internet usage very good. thanks for adding usage and day in new version . they are very helpful.
Just one request, is it possible to add an option for detecting the hotpot (router) corresponds it to usage part. sometimes I take my laptop to other places and forgot pause/reset the usage meter.
Thanks again for your nice job.

Graham Jappe
3:25 pm

Network Meter Version 8.1
I have been using Network Meter (various versions) for a while and I refer to then on a daily basis. I have found them to be extremely stable and accurate and would recommend Network Meter as it provides valuable information at your fingertips or should I say in front of your eyes well done team on a great product.

6:39 am

network gadget
i have download the gadget and it is working properly and shows all problem and speed of the internet

Scott Finnell
4:02 am

Great Gadgets
I have always loved your gadgets, and I can’t understand Microsoft shutting it down. Why can’t the leave it open for awhile. Not everyone is going to switch to their silly new OS. I HATE it, and I won’t. I will use window 7 until they stop supporting it. 7 is a very stable OS, so why mess with it? I have used your gadgets since they started the option, and I have never had a problem with them. I would like to see a more stylish or forward thinking look to the interface. This is the only area I think needs improvement.. Skins maybe?

12:06 pm

Just What I Needed!
Got to say I love this gadget, does everything I need it to and I also like how you can do network speed test right from the gadget. Works like a charm.

2:23 am

Super Gadgets Windows 7
Downloaded, installed and up and running in 10 seconds. Works perfectly and shows the data I’m looking for on a wireless network, especially when away from home and on the road. A perfect complement the network meter.

Collin Lam
5:39 am

Works fine
Hi, I have just installed this thing on my computer and it works perfect! The external and local IP is also very useful. I simply love this thing!

11:18 am

better than other
Attractive, easy to read, nice options (fairly customizable), smooth. Get this over the SpeedTest one.

1:33 pm

Looks great
So far it looks great. I love that it shows the inside and public IP’s. So far I love this thing!!

charles ko
4:38 pm

Network details?
What happened to the network details i.e. network ID, type of connection and signal strength? For anyone who ended up looking for these like I did, check the settings for the gadget. It’s all there. A great gadget just got better!

5:42 am

Really cool
This is top gadget, it really neat and tidy. Perfect!

11:50 pm

Great app…
does exactly what it should. Shows bandwidth util and provides details on IP, DHCP and more… thanks!

11:43 am

great gadget but bugged
This is a great gadget, it allows me to indirectly monitor the usage of my server. However, version 8.1 is bugged, it freezes and makes wmiprvse.exe max out one CPU. I upgraded from version 6.3 which was working pretty well aside from not remembering interfaces.

Thomas Maticcs, Hungary
11:06 pm

Great little gadget! It helps that all the time observers of Internet traffic in operation … Thanks, guys!

9:51 am

Great but…
I find this gagdet great but everytime I restart my computer it displays a different Network interface. I would like to “lock” it onto one specific and let it stay there until I want to change it.

Greg Gasiorowski
9:00 am

Internet traffic meter
As is all network traffic (included) in the traffic meter it would be good to be able to limit this to Internet traffic.

Thomas jos
2:10 am

Iā€™m digging this!
This gadget is easier to see instead of going through task manager. Thanks :)

11:50 pm

Nifty *but could max out CPUs*
Installed this with All CPU Meter. The CPU meter maxed out my CPUs. I’m not sure if this particular gadget was part of that issue. Just check your performance after you install. It was pretty cool, tho. I appreciated that I could also change the measurement units of Kb to Mb to Gb, etc. Very helpful! I hope this one is not the CPU issue. I’m 90% sure it’s not. However, I don’t really *need* this one. It’s just rather fun to have. I have fiber opticconnection, so I get to brag with this gadget šŸ˜‰ Thanks!

11:38 am

I love this gadget
This gadget is amazing its very handy for me. It allows me to see how strong my signal is and also how much i’m uploading/downloading.

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